5 Japanese beauty secrets that you need to know right now !

 Present-day, when people are going crazy over the  Korean skin and 10 steps Korean skin regime. We cannot overrule the fact the Japanese women have beautiful, radiant skin. 


So, here are some things and products that Japanese women, regularly do to maintain their lustrous skin:

1. Komenuka, Rice bran

Komenuka is a Japanese word for rice bran. It has been used in Japanese beauty treatment since the 8th century. Komenuka (Rice bran) is rich in nutrients and antioxidants. The different brands are available that provide komenuka products. it is used in different types of facials, scrubs, and other beauty treatments. 

The use of rice bran improves the blood circulation of the face and brightens the skin and lightens up any kind of dark spots.

2. Azuki beans

Azuki (red) beans have been used since ancient times (Nara period, 710-794) for eating as well as in beauty treatments, especially in scrubbing skin to remove any kind of dead skin, blackheads, whiteheads and to treat acne. 

This is a leguminous plant, that contains saponins which help in removing any kind of dirt and properly cleanses the skin, and antioxidants present in Kazuki beans play their part in improving skin texture. 

3.  Tsubaki oil

Tsubaki oil is also known as camellia oil, is remarkably rich in omega-9- 9 fatty acids (oleic acid), a number of other crucial proteins, and glycerides. It is used for skin, hair, and for eating. It is used in hair to increase the volume of hair and to treat any kind of skin problem.

4. Vitamin C

We all are aware that how vitamin C helps to naturally boost the production of collagen in the skin. That will give us firm and plumpy skin. It also degrades the melanin, that is produced in excess in the skin in response to much sun exposure and during aging. Consuming and using vitamin C in the form of supplements and serums can give us truly bright and youthful skin. Vitamin C can be consumed in form of fruits and vegetables or in form of supplements from the drugstore.

5. Green tea / Matcha

The grounded green tea leaves Matcha has been extensively used in daily routine by Japanese women. These are rich in catechin polyphenol and do have a lot of health benefits, that eventually benefit the skin by tightening the skin, prevention and repair of the damage caused by the UV rays, reduces any kind of inflammation. The matcha extract can be used in various facial serums and creams, in bathing salts, and in hair masks.

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