Korean Skin: 10 step skincare regime for Glass like skin

 Korean skincare is all about Hydration, Hydration, and Hydration. That is why they have glass-like and dewy skin. These days the Korean skin regime is famous everywhere on the planet and everyone wants to have Koreans like skin. Koreans follow a 10 step skincare routine. 

1. Oil Cleanser

  • Oil cleanser is mainly used to dissolve all the oil-based makeup and removes excess of dirt and oil.
  • It mildly cleanses the skin and effectively removes all the makeup.

2. Foam Cleanser

  • Foam or a water-based cleanser removes any leftover dirt oil or sweat.
  • Double cleansing is an important part of Korean skincare.

3. Exfoliate

  • Exfoliation removes all the dead skin and leaves you with bright looking skin.
  • Use a gentle scrub for exfoliation and do it twice a week.

4. Toner 

  • If any traces of dirt or oil are left on the skin, toner removes it.
  • It also prepares skin for makeup application as it tightens the pores. If used regularly it gives positive results.
  • Toner also balances the pH of the skin.

5. Essence or Mist


  • It is a lighter form of serum.
  • Its main function is hydration and it makes skin feel fresh.

6. Serum

  • It is either gel or liquid.
  • Contains Higher Concentration of active ingredients that produce more targeted results.
  • It is build with formula that stay on skin and penetrates into deeper layer of skin.

7. Sheet Masks

  • Sheet mask is packed with lot of hydrating serum, minerals and vitamins.
  • Keep it for 20-30 minutes and massage the leftover serum to the skin. 
  • Apply once a week, and it is enough for weeks moisture.

8. Eye Cream 

  • Eye creams are specifically designed for delicate skin of under eyes.
  • Eyes are the first one to show the signed to stress or aging.
  • Eye cream prevent dark circles, wrinkles and hydrate the skin.

9. Moisturizer

  • It is most essential step of korean skincare, it is known to lock all the steps done before.
  • One should choose moisturiser according to their skin type.

10. Suncreen/ Night cream

  • Apply sunscreen during day and night cream before going to bed.
  • Sunscreen protects the damage caused to skin by sun and Night creams are designed to heal the damaged skin during the night and provide you with healthy skin .

The results of Korean skincare can vary from person to person. However, there are lot of videos available on youtube in which the claims are made that how korean skincare has improved their skin.

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